Monday, May 9, 2005

for the light at the end of the tunnel

for the light at the end of the tunnel:

su cuerpo me hace temblar
siento su belleza el rodeando de mì
usted me hace sentir mejor
veo sus ojos en la obscuridad
me dirigen al lucero
el amor que tengo para ti en mi alma funciona profundamente
me penetra
tiemblo cuando oigo su voz
le necesito
contigo ya no tengo miedo.

Wednesday, May 4, 2005


every time you walk away
the sound of your breathing gets louder
drawing me nearer
to the mirage of you
in the forefront of my soul.
i feel myself
growing closer
to the dream
still knowing the reality.
the dream,
gets silenced by the reverberating reality of our surroundings
i stand firm
wanting a stronghold on a place in your world
that no longer exists behind
in front
of the frame.
a history of friendship
evolved into sensations
i daydream about you at night.
and the search for your physical intimacy during the day.
every moment of the search
takes my breath away
you force me to catch it
confused and conflicted,
you've placed yourself in my heart
but have a place in someone else's life.
i know you feel safety in my bed
my arms wrap your body in grace and tranquility.
my legs with security and poise.
my lips and my tongue with a smoothed rhythm.
your presence pieces everything together
creating a whole.
i risk falling
losing concentration whenever
the fixation occurs on you.
i catch myself
trying not to close my eyes too tight
too often
in fear that the mirage will appear to me
as more of a fantasy
than anything in my grasp.
perhaps most frustrating
in this land of contrived
and confusing charisma
is that you cannot see how bright you truly are.
how high you are
how permeating your being is
to any human soul
how touching your demeanor is
you do not know
the melting you cause
the trembling your hands calm
the influx of heat when pressed against my
the essence of you.


¿por què es tan fàcil conseguir perdido en sus ojos? usted me tiene y me confunde en cada momento que pasamos juntos.