Wednesday, June 29, 2005

a short poem medley


usually i can see the approach
before you think
i see it coming and i know
it's different.
because instead of running away
i sit
or stand
and wait
and then they meet
and feel
i stare
to see what is there
and all beyond that which i have yet to know.
i find myself in the grace of beauty,
pleasantly lost.


it's hard to express in words
what can only be said with
the heart
impossible to understand
unless you feel
the things that i do within
to see
to feel
to touch
the essence of being intertwined
i want to know
but am afraid to wake up.


sempre vedo a te
con occhi aperti
senza pensamiento prima
solo con armonia
la pace e te
sapere che sciegli d'essere con me
arriva come una sopresa


confused confluttered thoughts
streaming consciousness through discontent
a cloud surfaces amid the sunshine
the rain is gone and the rainbow
is near
vision is blurred
but emotions are signs of clarity
clear feelings
close crave
far fetched
sunshine seeps in
soak up the rays
still no rainbow
but still i smile and look

arranged madness

looking there hurts
because it feels so good
i know you the way you know me
the way to know each other
no other can be you
no other can feel you
no other can be for you
no one but me
the way to see
the way too need
that way is you
it shouldn't hurt to feel this thing
deep within me
this thing is real
this thing is you

can't help but smile when you're around
i feel the twisting in my soul
i feel the world a different way
when i'm with you

the things you know are so unreal
but still so much is left to learn
can't eat or sleep
my knees get weak
when i'm with you

is it wrong to fantasize during the day?
especially the way i feel
i can't control my head
my heart gets in the way
steers me in the direction
of your face
my feelings have no place here
if you knew, what would you say?
would you turn me away?

wondering what you're seeing
what you are thinking
infiltrating my being
everything i want is you

Saturday, June 25, 2005

getting to the core

sometimes i just need to be me
because it's clear that others have trouble seeing
the person i'm trying to be and
the missions i'm trying to lead and
i need people to make progress
not digress from my plan
i need them to understand
that i am only human
there's a creed that i have to follow
you have a creed?
or are you hollow?
i ought to
scream from the rafters
tell everyone exactly what i'm after
i've kept silent
obedient to my environment
o when will that ever change?
or as the rock of gibraltar shall i remain?
do people see what i see?
when they walk down the street
do people hear what i hear?
when i cringe
watching the news in fear
or do people choose to ignore
willingly ignorant at the core
consumed with their own wants and desires
never on task for something higher
i'm on it
despite the others
who still drag at my feet
i want all of it to change
despite those who want me to meet defeat
i crave to make it better
despites souls that seem deader
than the deadest limb
on the deadest tree
fallen waywardly
into the deadest sea.

Friday, June 3, 2005


futures unfolding in measures of length
time reveals many who enter
in the same breath
many who remain
it lingers only momentarily on those who exit
showing me a new
more progressive way of light
in the revelations of the future
i see you
brilliantly bright
the image of an angel
engulfed in a world that is not yet ready for her presence
a world that complicates her daily existence
but only penetrates the surface of her perfection
she is brighter
more brilliant
than the world allows her to see
and yet
her light shines bright in my vision
to me
she is clearer than most
she appears to me in an instant
but i know that she is meant to stay
much longer
"an angel on earth? but how? and why? and for whom?"
i ask the highest guide
whose reply to me is rhetorical
indicating to me
that she
the angel on earth
so brilliant
so bright
is here
for me.