Sunday, February 26, 2006


diamonds are blinding
used as attempts to escape that which
in society
despite all of the
hating and haters
hate from those irate by their own unfortunate states
of the union
divided and conquered
by republicans and democrats
who stare back at the very communities from which elected
suspected of corruption but ultimately receive no power disruption
the bushes disguise the bush business
called democracy
that resides at 1600
the capitol unravels at the seams
and yet it seems
we still find ourselves jaded from action
proactive only to our own personal plights
taking hidden delight in the stagnant state of life
in a world where
complaints and stares
replace votes and phone calls
millions upon millions marching along the washington mall
united we stand but divided we
fall from grace in the face of adversity
believe that we
can save
in someone's lifetime
even if not our own
learn to breathe what we allegedly believe
using words written our senior
holy and human
as guides
but still read between the lines
in time
you may find
people quoting you instead of quoting someone else's
lines of people
blank faces and hopelessness
drives dissolving in the american dream
from coal to diamond
from diamond to glare
of the difference between
ignorance and incidental insulation.