Saturday, June 25, 2005

getting to the core

sometimes i just need to be me
because it's clear that others have trouble seeing
the person i'm trying to be and
the missions i'm trying to lead and
i need people to make progress
not digress from my plan
i need them to understand
that i am only human
there's a creed that i have to follow
you have a creed?
or are you hollow?
i ought to
scream from the rafters
tell everyone exactly what i'm after
i've kept silent
obedient to my environment
o when will that ever change?
or as the rock of gibraltar shall i remain?
do people see what i see?
when they walk down the street
do people hear what i hear?
when i cringe
watching the news in fear
or do people choose to ignore
willingly ignorant at the core
consumed with their own wants and desires
never on task for something higher
i'm on it
despite the others
who still drag at my feet
i want all of it to change
despite those who want me to meet defeat
i crave to make it better
despites souls that seem deader
than the deadest limb
on the deadest tree
fallen waywardly
into the deadest sea.

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