Friday, June 3, 2005


futures unfolding in measures of length
time reveals many who enter
in the same breath
many who remain
it lingers only momentarily on those who exit
showing me a new
more progressive way of light
in the revelations of the future
i see you
brilliantly bright
the image of an angel
engulfed in a world that is not yet ready for her presence
a world that complicates her daily existence
but only penetrates the surface of her perfection
she is brighter
more brilliant
than the world allows her to see
and yet
her light shines bright in my vision
to me
she is clearer than most
she appears to me in an instant
but i know that she is meant to stay
much longer
"an angel on earth? but how? and why? and for whom?"
i ask the highest guide
whose reply to me is rhetorical
indicating to me
that she
the angel on earth
so brilliant
so bright
is here
for me.

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