Tuesday, July 26, 2005

"untitled" and "untitled"


worlds swirling

bodies dying

crying on the outside

inner emotions

boil at the sound

of babies cries

bombs ignited

we've fought for freedom before

clearly lost

a battle evolves

grows larger and more complicated

politics sophisticated


by those with wits duller

than you and i?

fighting the good fight

at home

while soldiers continue to roam the homes

of countries unknown where the only contact

with love they have is through the phone

by they still fight

guns blazing

american flags waving in the air

acknowledging a land where the laws

and systems don't listen to the people whose

hopes and dreams

day after day

year after year

they are missing.

as i christen this page

introspective and enraged

in the zone and engaged

i know

that there is more to do

than this.



i remember a time

when you said you were genuine

when you claimed that

no longer would my only venting instrument

be my pen

that you would


through thick and thin

even attempt to mend

some of the pains and hardships

i experience within


in the end you left

exited from your commitment

a reflection of your degenerate


unfair you were

when you took your ear away

i cannot easily be swayed

to forgive for this

misfit friendship

to which you lacklusterly commit

i am no longer equipped

to deal with this bullshit

i can only follow your negative lead

and quit.

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