Sunday, January 22, 2006


the warmth that the heart brings
sings clear in the air
without fright
i extend my place to thee
heart open
pierced in perfect places
perfect faces seem to erase the lacerations
still pacing
still waiting
for the ultimate level of clarity
are you mad at me?
too blind to see
the answer
replies are empty
now it's simply
games of waiting
taking time to look at the situation
pace pacing again
my heart erasing again
holes that control my soul
old abrasions
not quite sold
on reconciliation
needs and desires confirmed
but unattainable
isn't it insane to you
to lose
the very thing that we've been working to prove?
through thick and thin
troubles and worries
ditches and hurdles
know that i never stay unaffected
but always stay loyal and tested
tried and true
love sparked anew
can be platonic
though it's different and plain
interest remains
but without each other
we go insane
no more games
yeah other names get involved
but we share heart
the places we made
will never be the same
back in you came
don't leave again
reasons are thin
remember emerson?
remember him?
remember not only the self-reliant pen
but the one written about friends
friends, responsibility, and ends
i'm sorry it's hard
i'm sorry that you're a prototype in the light
i'm sorry you can't
i'm sorry it's not clear
clarity keeps building with the new year
but don't leave me in dark
the visions mark stark remarks
embarked on a requiem set apart
to start thoughts of inadequacy that
reveals the question mark.

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