Sunday, September 13, 2009

"jim negro"

black man, black man
majestic beautiful glory
strong present with presence necessary
by any means
fighting an endless war of negativity and negro
negro overpowering the afro
the african
the struggling black from your neighborhood
someday we'll all be free
but when?
can i rest my head
black WOman
and sleep deep to awake to our black men still tall
still courageous
still living more than breath
more than air through gritted teeth
growing into what Medgar and Malcolm and Martin were
hero should not have a generational gap.

black man, black man
will you rise to the call now the way those before you did not hesitate to?
the way those before pushed for to their plots?
yes, you have obstacles
but so did they
chaotic and unreasonable
organized and bureaucratic
oh black man, black man
Be Negro No More!
we should antiquate the days of the Leagues with Jackie Rob
robbed we were so long of that truth
we own the night
beautiful, chocolate, caramel, cocoa-black men

why not take it?

roots of royalty entrapped in systematic shut-downs of self-esteems through relentless stereotyping
limelighting the negative instead of the
kings and queens we are
descendants of decadent empires that created culture from the ground
hit fast blood thick staining the concrete jungles we now inhabit
lives lived fast and taken faster
ruled by a history of subjugation that seeks to repeat the dirt
not the glory
the pain
not the pride
decay instead of dynasties ruling the present day of our
black man, black man
making room in the ground
for his blackened feet
sunk in the negro quicksand.

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